Success Stories

Grew Team from 8 to 24 in the first 12 months

UK-based PLC in the Food & Beverage Industry. The customer is a leading online takeaway ordering service. Their platform generates over 550 million orders per year, with operations globally.

Scaling Teams with world class expertise

The Challenge

  • Augment current team.
  • Create a new nearshore development centre able to tap into a larger talent pool.
  • Scale effectively without defocusing our client’s UK engineering team from business as usual.
Scaling Teams with world class expertise

The Results

  • Improved loyalty and alignment, which stablalised the team.
  • Grew Team from 8-to 24 in the first 12 months.
  • Maintained focus of the UK team.
  • Solution for supporting and migrating acquisitions.
  • Internationalising web and mobile apps. 

People. products. power.

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