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Blockchain Solutions 

Our client has built an ecosystem of blockchain-related solutions to better understand crypto assets. These solutions are an aggregation of alternative data that our clients sell to asset managers and hedge and investment funds.

Improving Accuracy In Crypto Trading

The Challenge

  • Our client collects data from over 100 alternative data sources that may have some predictive value to their customers.
  • This non-market data can often give traders a strategic edge due to novel and uncorrelated alpha. However, mining such datasets is hugely time-consuming and resource-hungry. 
  • Before proceeding with various alpha hypotheses, it is essential to test their usefulness. There is an additional challenge regarding the nature of alternative data; building features is a primary step when using unstructured data sources. 
Improving Accuracy In Crypto Trading

The Results

  • Combining business analytics and data science skills, Digital Bricks created numerous expert and mathematical custom variables modelled with various algorithms.
  • Digital Bricks reverse-engineered these models and studied the most important features. In this way, we identified data sources that have predictive value.
  • The transparent value model that shows how each separate data source and their combination affect trading decisions (5-10% predictive accuracy boost) was developed.
  • Improved value propositions for the customers who can now acquire trusted and verified alpha features and trading signals.

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