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Assisting Elders and Caregivers

Our client, based in UAE, wanted to develop technology using a mobile application linked to wearable devices (smart watches and bracelets) to assist elders and caregivers by monitoring various types of health conditions, locations and appointments.

Healthcare Smart Watch Application

The Challenge

  • The main challenge was creating a system consisting of two applications, one for the caregiver and another for the elder.
  • The caregiver application will be provided on a smart mobile phone; the elder application will be through a smartwatch.
  • Develop iOS and Android versions of the applications and integrate them with a smart mobile phone and our client’s smartwatch/wearable.
Healthcare Smart Watch Application

The Results

  • Our client’s smartwatch was designed for elders to allow them to rely on themselves and facilitate independent living through technology and innovation.
  • Vast functionality, which includes (but is not limited to): checking route back home; reminders about their daily tasks such as taking medicines; direct calls, notifications, safe area alerts etc.
  • The smartwatch pairs with iOS and Android applications built by Digital Bricks.
  • A funded accelerator programme has accepted this client’s project, and Digital Bricks have since been re-tasked to build even more functionality.

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