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Your R&D Tax Entitlement in 3 Easy Steps

Completed by Digital Bricks R&D Tax Specialists



Understand & Share

We’ll chat with you about your business and tell you which activities qualify you for R&D Tax Relief or how we can help you optimise historical claims. With access to our online portal, you can easily upload the information we need to support and maximise your R&D Claim.


Build & Submit

You can now relax whilst we prepare your claim, accompanied by a bespoke technical report. Within 3-5 days, we will check in with you before submission (on your behalf) to HMRC.


Pay day

Receive your R&D Relief (in as little as 28 working days) as tax credits or a cash payment into your account.


About R&D Tax entitlement

R&D Explained

What qualifies as R&D Expenditure and how can your business benefit?

Who is eligible?

Companies of all sizes and from most industry sectors are eligible and qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

What can be claimed?

You might be surprised as to what Business-as-Usual activities qualify as Research & Development Expenditure.



As a leading R&D Practice, our industry specialists take care of all the heavy lifting. We consult proactively with you to plan and advise in all aspects of your R&D.

The breadth and depth of our experience and knowledge means that we can easily identify qualifying expenditure, often missed by other R&D providers, accountants and claimants themselves.

As an authorised agent for HMRC, we have filed over 3,500 client claims with a 100% success rate, returning funds to our clients so they can continue to innovate and grow their business.

Our personal bespoke service is hands-free, efficient, and effective in maximising every £ of qualifying expenditure for our clients.


Creating Additional Value

Our industry specialists have a proven track record of enhancing claim values by up to 9 times the original claim.

Packaging Company

  • Accountant – £17,206 12% 12%
  • Digital Bricks – £149,770 99% 99%

Sporting Goods

  • Client – £3,877 9% 9%
  • Digital Bricks – £24,239 75% 75%

Graphic Design

  • R&D Agent – £53,798 45% 45%
  • Digital Bricks – £117,305 99% 99%