Success Stories


Our client aims to disrupt the beauty industry with AI-assisted medicinal skin care. 

Our client has introduced the scientifically proven advantage of micro particle delivery to a daily skincare routine.

Reinventing skincare with AI

The Challenge

  • To develop an individual skin treatment plan that removes the need for multiple dermatologist visits.
  • Reducing the time and cost of creating a personal skin care plan and regime.
  • Reduce the R&D costs associated with the standard process of personalised serum development.
Reinventing skincare with AI

The Results

  • Fast, interactive and remote assessment of a patient’s skin care condition powered by algorithms and artificial intelligence.
  • Predictive serum composition via machine learning, reducing the risks of laboratory failures by 63%.
  • Innovative serums composed of qualitative and quantitative data by machine learning technology.
  • A personalised skincare program is created interactively, without needing to visit a dermatologist.

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